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What plants don't the deer eat in your garden?

I know I can look in books and on websites, but I want to know which plants other people have had luck with the deer not eating. I have deer roaming through my yard daily. So far I've had luck with rhodies, Daphne, lantana, lavender, rosemary, red hot poker flower, and just a few others who's names I don't remember. What about you?

What plants don't the deer eat in your garden?
Daffoils, Astilbe, Asters, Hollyhocks, Black-Eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, Hiviscus, Foxglove, Zebra Grass, Peonies, Carnations, Hybrid Phlox, Geraniums, Lilac bush, Widow's tears, etc..............

hope this helps

was it the best answer?? lol
Reply:Well deer will eat practically anything. But in our last home which was pretty forest oriented we found they wouldn't eat ornatmental grasses. So that is what we concentrated on. We had herds coming through our property there and they ate everything. except ornamental grasses.. We tried so many other things and just gave up. Even lipriope. They decided to eat that as well and we were told they didn't. Frankly a hungry deer will eat most anything. But as much as I wish they would eat the ornamentals to cut them down they won't so plant grasses.
Reply:my mother is way out in the middle of nowhere, where everything tries to eat everything... she grows all kinds of tomatoes and cucumber and they never get bothered.. if she finds they're interested in something in particular she pours beer around it and they leave it alone :)

a friend had a problem with deer specifically and she eventually had to get other plants that they like to eat more than her veggies and keep them on the opposite side of her property
Reply:this is going to sound gross, but my grandfather swore by it. he would pee in tin cans, like green bean or corn cans, and bury them half deep in and around his garden (and he had a big garden full of tomatoes and such). the deer didn't like the smell, i suppose, and never bothered his plants.
Reply:Daffodils are absolutely deer proof. Other plants I have without deer damage: crocuses, garlic, onions, asiatic lilies, dayliles, hollyhocks, bee balm, oregano, chives, echinacea, comfrey, lavender.
Reply:I found a couple links that might be helpful. Good luck! I wouldn't wanna be you. I'd cry if my gardens were eaten up by deer.
Reply:As I'm in Australia I found it interesting to read recently on an American nursery site that Australian natives are not attractive to deer. As long as you have the heat give some Grevilleas, Callistemon etc a go. Funny I haven't seen any deer lately but the kangaroos think there great.
Reply:for sure deer never eat Chile ,paprika ,lemongrass ,

the best is pour some cigar in hot water and spray over the leaves .

PS, they do not eat also coconut plant ,they cant reach
Reply:Lantana I like Pammy R answer. I give him a star.
Reply:Everything- I am on the Eastern Shore and the B***ches eat it all. Tomatoe, Hidranglas- hell they are some hungry thangs
Reply:Chives and gillyweed.
Reply:I would say peppers but last year they ate them all.

In the fall I yell out eat my lead as I pull the trigger of my shotgun.
Reply:They leave my daffodils,roses,daylilies,and daisies alone.They ate ALL of my tulips this Spring!

Sorry I couldn't resist ; )
Reply:this is such a funny question so funny i cant even answer it sorry . . . . .
Reply:plants don't eat deer
Reply:the weeds
Reply:poison ivy and oak

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